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andrew_levisonAndrew Levison is the author of two books and numerous articles on the political attitudes and social conditions of working class Americans. His first book, The Working Class Majority, was nominated for a National Book Award and serialized in The New Yorker. His articles and commentaries have appeared in the Nation, the American Prospect, the Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times and numerous other publications.

Since 2003, Mr. Levison has been both the Director of Business and Operations and also a Contributing Editor to two significant online political publications: Ruy Teixeira’s The Emerging Democratic Majority and The Democratic Strategist whose founding Co-editors
are Stan Greenberg, William Galston and Ruy Teixeira. Mr. Levison is the author of over 200 articles for these publications, including many that deal with the issues discussed in this book.

The Kindle edition is now available.
Review copy for course options are available.

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  1. The early NewYorker articles left a deep impression on me . I have referred to their facts and ideas in discussions over the years. I currently live in NW Ohio and when my California family blamed me and Ohio for Bush I tried to explain about Southern Ohio and voters who voted against their own interests.

  2. It is good that this will soon be available on Kindle, however, not all are Kindle users. Some use the Barnes and Noble reader, Nook. It would be appreciated if the publishers would also make this book available in the Nook format.

    Barnes and Noble writes these responses to FAQs:
    “Get started with us now! Please visit http://www.pubit.com to have your eBook title(s) on sale at BN.com within 72 hours. For more information about the program, please review our PubIt! FAQ’s here. If you have further questions, email us at pubit@bn.com for additional help.

    “Whether you are a customer or a publisher, send us an email at eperiodicalpublishersinquiries@book.com with your recommendation and/or your contact information if you are a publisher.”

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