The White Working Class Today Buzz Factor

On June 6th The New Republic ran a home page article written by Levison and co-author Ruy Teixeira that presented the core argument of the book and which generated widespread comment. The article, titled: “Why the Democrats Still Need Working Class White Voters” presented the book’s key argument as follows:

Although long-term demographic trends, such as the increase in minority voters and the rise of the Millennial generation, are favorable for the Democrats, translating those trends into true political and electoral dominance will remain difficult so long as Democrats rely on simply turning out core Obama coalition voters. Their margins will be too thin and subject to backlash, especially below the Presidential level.

To create a stable Democratic majority, Democrats need to win the support of a significant group of voters who are now part of the Republican coalition. As the 2012 elections demonstrated, the group that has perhaps the greatest potential in this regard is the white working class.

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