In the aftermath of the 2012 elections some progressive commentators have drawn the mistaken conclusion that the Democratic coalition no longer needs to win the support of any significant number of white working class Americans. The high turnout and pro-Democrats tilt of youth, minorities, single women and upscale professionals in 2012 has led some political strategists to imagine a new “Obama coalition” that does not need to include white working Americans.

Andrew Levison’s remarkable new book dramatically challenges this false notion and presents a compelling case that winning the support of a substantial group of white working class Americans remains absolutely critical for the creation of a stable Democratic majority.

The book very dramatically shows:

  • That white workers remain a critical swing group in American politics
  • That white workers represent a far larger part of the workforce than is often thought.
  • That white workers are not all “conservative” but include many progressives and moderates as well.

The book presents extensive data drawn from demographic analysis, opinion polls, focus groups and field research to buttress its dramatic conclusions.

The Kindle edition is now available.
Review copy for course options are available.

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  1. Where this generation made a huge mistake, largely because of the Clinton Democrats: This isn’t the first time in our history when the richest few gained a dangerous degree of power over politics and policies. Each time, the poor and middle class, employed and those far worse off, united to successfully push back, to the benefit of both. This time, the middle class decided to throw the poor off the cliff. “Occupy” is a powerful symbol of this generation: What began as a people’s movement was quickly redefined (largely by liberal media) as a movement of middle class workers alone, the bourgeoisie, and the rest of us walked away. Occupy died (in spite of many efforts to revive it as a middle class movement). Today, the rich are doing to the middle class what the middle class did to the poor. To update the old protest chant, “The people, divided, will always be defeated.”

    The House Farm Bill proposes reducing Food Stamps $39.7 B over next ten years.
    Much of this cut comes from food stamps and other nutritional programs.
    No expiring tax cuts for top 2% with incomes As high as $1000 Million.
    Wall Street is staffing with former government employees who have influence in Congress.
    The Big Banks in particular. Ben White at Politico gave a list showing hires by Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, IBM, GE,, Citigroup, Credit Suisse and JP Morgan.
    Buying influence.
    The Republicans in the House plan to held another Debt Ceiling Hostage to demanded unspecified tax reform at a future date. The leaders are too chicken to tell their backers that we have to increase the debt ceiling to pay off bills Congress has already voted on and spent.
    We have a $14,000 Total National Income and in 2013 fiscal year we get $2700B Revenue And spend $3600B. We borrow $900B. Shameful that the richest nation refuses to tax wealth to balance the budget. $2700B of $14,000B is a 19% Tax Rate. If we were to tax to pay our budget of $3600B
    it would be a 26% National Tax Rate.
    We rank third in OECD nations As least taxed.
    It is time to tax wealthy estates and top incomes at a much higher Effective rate.

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